The Future of Knowledge &  Information Management

Hedder is the centralized digital repository for your team.
Connect your apps to save your snippets to Hedder
and share them seamlessly across the apps you use.
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Keep track of information, always

Hedder is the easiest way to capture knowledge and notes as snippets, along with metadata that matters. You will always know when, from where, and why you saved a snippet for your projects. .

information silos

Hedder is the pipeline that moves information between your apps. Aggregating the snippets across your organization creates a contextual layer that consolidates your information silos without moving data or changing behavior.

Manage knowledge capital

Hedder removes any cognitive barrier your team may have to save and capture information, making it effortless to manage knowledge capital for your organization.

Click and save

No more copy & pasting, ever. From communications to productivity apps, you can save, organize, and share your snippets with a few clicks. Stick with the apps that works for you and Hedder will build connections.

Key Benefits

Share & Collaborate

Start sharing with your teammates without any informational barriers.

Preserve Knowledge

Capture raw information and convert it as your team's knowledge capital.

Connect Everything

Create an interconnected digital workplace to harvest organizational knowledge.

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