Your Team's
Second Brain

Hedder is the centralized digital repository for your team.
Connect your apps to save your snippets to Hedder
and share them seamlessly across the apps you use.
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How it works

Clip snippets of information from the apps you use

With just a few clicks, apply the tags shared across your team and save a snippet to a channel.


Organize and collaborate with teammates

Sift through and comment on the snippets to synthesize new ideas and discover experts within your team.

Recycle & circulate knowledge across your organization

Publish the naturally curated snippets from hedder to your connected apps via our app & extensions


Key Benefits

Easy Collaboration

Trust your instinct and capture a snippet whenever you come across useful information. Collaboration on Hedder comes from aggregation, not coordination.

Second (Digital) Brain

You no longer need to keep track of when, where, why, for whom, for what purpose you saved a snippet. We are the second brain for you and your team.

Richer Context

We will extract the metadata around a snippet. You will have a richer pool of contexts to retrieve knowledge and discover experts.

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