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Hedder is a social knowledge management app
that builds your knowledge base through conversations.
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Isolate Persistent Conversations

As your organization embraces remote working, the opportunities for a chance discussion become increasingly remote, too. Hedder recreates the opportunities by bridging ideas together.

Aggregate & Catalogue Conversations

Catalogue the conversation to

Identify & Develop

Formfree discussions across your organization on Hedder creates an environment for thought-leaders to emerge naturally. Identify these leaders and nurture them to drive employee engagement at your organization.

Create Contexts
With Integrations

With integrations to your workflow and

Key Benefits


Do not let any hierarchical structures get in the way of meaningful conversations.

Best ideas win always

Evaluate new ideas and discussions meritocratically without any halo effect.

Improve employee Satisfaction.

Higher employee engagement leads to higher employee satisfaction.

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